YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT: 10 Healthy Infused Waters

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT: 10 Healthy Infused Waters You Can Make Yourself |

10 Healthy Infused Waters
You Can Make Yourself

Hi Beautiful! The very BEST way to hydrate your skin is to DRINK WATER! LOTS of it. Water does NOT have to be boring. These healthy infused waters are SO much more interesting and you can easily make them yourself.

Here are 10 infused water recipes to get you started:

  1. Mango and cayenne—in addition to adding an interesting little spike to your water, word has it that cayenne also boosts your metabolism, which is always a good thing!
  2. Raspberry and mint—the mint in this concoction helps your breath and your digestion.
  3. Lime and basil—basil is a natural anti-bacterial!
  4. Orange and vanilla—we can all use a little extra Vitamin C.
  5. Lemon and lavender—lemon gives you a little bit of Vitamin C and lavender is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.
  6. Strawberry and basil—this is another great blend with immunity boosting and bacteria fighting qualities.
  7. Blackberry and sage—you'll get a bit of Vitamins C and E with this one yummy one!
  8. Pineapple and ginger—ginger has a bunch of health benefits, including being an anti-inflammatory.
  9. Watermelon and jalapeno—peppers contain an ingredient that helps with weight loss!
  10. Cucumber and lemongrass—cucumbers are full of skin-friendly minerals!

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