YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT: Foods That Hydrate Skin

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT: Foods that Hydrate Skin | by

Foods That Hydrate Skin

Hi, Beautiful! I want to share some foods that hydrate skin with you.

No matter if it's winter, spring, summer or fall, it is SUPER important to stay hydrated! It's easy to forget to drink water when it's cold outside, so pay extra attention in winter.

Let's get you hydrated, shall we?

First, try to drink a total of eight 8 ounce glasses of water every single day. If you want to get specific, take your body weight, divide in half, and that's the amount in ounces you should be drinking.

Second, water does NOT need to be boring. You don't want to add a bunch of sugar, which is NOT good for your skin, but you can jazz it up with fresh fruit and herb infusions. [If you click on that link, you'll find some delish ideas that will have you searching for that glass all day long.]

Third, I have some really good's totally okay for you to get roughly 20% of your hydration from foods that you eat. Here is a list of fruits and veggies that will hydrate your skin because they are loaded with water:

  • CUCUMBER [96.7% water]
  • CELERY [95.4%]
  • RADISHES [95.3%]
  • TOMATOES [94.5%]
  • SWEET PEPPERS [93.9%]
  • CAULIFLOWER [92.1%]
  • WATERMELON [91.5%]
  • SPINACH [91.4%]
  • STAR FRUIT [91.4%]
  • STRAWBERRIES [91.0%]
  • BROCCOLI [90.7%]
  • GRAPEFRUIT [90.5%]
  • CANTALOUPE [90.2%]


Add these waterlogged foods to your shopping list and pile your plates high with them! In fact, don't feel bad about munching on them all day long—in addition to all of the water they contain, they're also packed with nutrients that help your skin [and entire body] in lots of other ways. Your skin will be happy, happy, happy!

If it's winter, don't forget to come see me for a facial so I can help hydrate your skin from the outside. [Be sure and check my Home page for any seasonal specials—and, remember, if you refer a friend, you BOTH get a $25 credit toward any service!]

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