YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT: Foods That Make You Happy

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT: Foods That Make You Happy |

Foods That Make You Happy

Hi, Beautiful! A little preaching ARE what you eat. If you're feeding your body crap, you're going to feel crappy. And, that is definitely going to impact your skin. So, let's talk about foods that make you happy.

Too many processed foods and an overload of sugar, caffeine and alcohol can lead to depression, icky skin, and a mood killing weight gain. Why not eat stuff that is scientifically proven to boost your mood?

Here are a bunch of foods that have been found to make you happy:

  • SPINACH—Packed with folate, magnesium + Omega 3s, spinach is a super happy food!
  • GREEK YOGURT—Calcium and probiotics are mood boosters that are especially good for PMS.
  • CHIA SEEDS—Packed with Omega 3, chia seeds help decrease depression AND swell up to squelch your appetite!
  • EGGS—Vitamin D in eggs helps depression, especially when the sun's not shining enough.
  • EDAMAME—The iron in edamame fights fatigue and apathy and magnesium boosts your serotonin.
  • ORANGES—We all know oranges are packed with Vitamin C, which helps you absorb nutrients and is awesome for your skin.
  • GREEN TEA—It's the theanine in green tea that actually calms you (and your appetite) down.
  • HONEY—Add some honey to that green tea to calm your brain.
  • COCONUT—Coconuts are full of electrolytes, potassium and healthy saturated fat.
  • ALMONDS—The magnesium in almonds boosts serotonin production to cheer you up.
  • AVOCADOS—Folate in avocados stimulates the production of serotonin.
  • DARK CHOCOLATE—Do you really need a reason to eat this??? If so, it's the magnesium and tryptophan that are the mood boosters.
  • CASHEWS—In addition to magnesium, cashews have zinc, both of which decrease depression.
  • SALMON—Wild salmon is loaded with Omega 3s and mood boosting Vitamins B6, B12 + D.
  • CHERRY TOMATOES—Lycopene in cherry tomatoes helps the brain focus on feeling happier.
  • ASPARAGUS—Asparagus is another source of folate.
  • BERRIES—Berries have anti-stress ingredients.
  • KALE—Calcium is just one of this superfood's mood boosting ingredients.
  • QUINOA—This complex and protein-packed carb pumps up your energy and sense of well being.
  • CHICKEN—Calming B vitamins are in chicken, and extra iron in the dark meat.
  • TOFU—Tofu relaxes your muscles putting you in a perfect mode to chill out.
  • BROCCOLI—Chromium in broccoli helps regulate your emotions and balance your mood.

Think of all the possibilities for healthy and happy meals—greek yogurt with chia seeds and honey, quinoa with cherry tomatoes and tofu, dark chocolate with berries.

Print the pic above and tape it to your fridge to remind you of all the foods that make you happy and keep your body happy from the inside out.

And, don't forget that self-care is another way to boost your mood. Come see me for some pampering and I'll put a smile on your face for sure.

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