Mandy is hands down the best!!!! 🙂 She actually has that rare and dissipating trait of integrity! She wholeheartedly cares for her clients. She isn't just trying to sell you on the "more" know the one where you are told you need every service and product out there just to be adequate; and you need to spend all of your savings on the "beautifying" stuff just to go out in public without a paper bag over your head. She generously shares DIY skin care ideas on Pinterest. Thanks to Mandy, I smear bananas on my face now as a brightening facial...who knew? 🙂

I usually move in 6th gear all day and she is amazing because she helped me relax and just allow myself to be pampered during the facial! I even received TLC to my tight neck and shoulders! Plus, her products smell delicious! I could effusively ramble about how amazing of an Esthetician & person Mandy is, but this isn't a novel. You must go to her AND validated parking in Hillcrest...BOOM!

Ashley F., Skincare client